My name is Norma Gonzalez-Hillan.  I was born in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico and after getting married to a guy from Ohio 22 years ago I moved to the USA.  My husband and I are now living with our two beautiful girls in the country side in Central Texas.

I’d like to share with you pieces of my every day life and how nature inspires me.

I discovered that capturing photographs of the sky, sunsets, sunrises, etc was a big help to me when I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression.  Sitting outside waiting for the sunset helped me relax and gave me the peace I needed.  Capturing a wonderful image of the sky was part of the healing process for me.

I’d like to share these photographs with other people and maybe make them feel better if they are going through a difficult time and hope to inspire people to take a moment and enjoy the magic around us.