I forget sometimes

It’s very easy to forget who we are with all the images we are surrounded with and opinions from people.

I have to say that I do forget sometimes who I truly am.  I get into these periods of time where I go all the way down, deep down.  I start thinking how I’m not as successful as I should be, how I’m doing a poor job at being a mom, how I gained some weight, how I have many imperfections.   It’s very easy to stay down there in that hole, specially when there’s negative energies around you.

It’s hard, but we have to make a point to stop listening to all the noise, all the hurtful words around and focus on that spark, even if it’s a tiny little spark, to get us out of that dark tunnel.  Focus on that person that tells you how much you mean to them, focus on the smile and hugs your children give you, focus on a phone call from a friend to see how you are doing.

Find something, there is something if you look hard.  Life is wonderful, YOU are wonderful.  You are strong, you are resilient, you are a magnificent human being, even with all those flaws you are perfect the way you are.

Look up at the sky, listen to the birds sing, wait for the sunset, look for inspiration, take a deep breath and live.  Get out of that dark tunnel and live!  Life is good, life is wonderful.



2 comments on “I forget sometimes

  1. Yes life is so hard at times but you are being so brave to express yourself and be open as to how you feel. I pray you will find that quiet assurance that you are loved and be inspired as you take time to be still. Blessings, Lois


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