What a Ride!

Every year we travel to Mexico during summer to go to Mazatlan with my parents, sister, brother in law and godson.  This year since my dad passed away last September, I decided I was going to drive us there.

It is an amazing road trip of 8 1/2 hours from Saltillo to Mazatlan,  we drove through the dessert, valleys, the forest and of course the Sierra Madre.

Actually, I never thought I was ever going to drive there myself, it is a crazy drive from Durango to Mazatlan.  The highway passes under and over the Sierra Madre Occidental through 63 tunnels and 115 bridges.  One of the bridges is the Bluarte Bridge which is the highest bridge in North America at 390 meters, and the highest suspension bridge in the world.

This drive is for my dad!  I hope he is as proud of me as I am of myself.  I overcame my anxiety issues and put on a brave face.

I’m trying to be courageous, I’m trying to be brave, I’m trying to follow his teachings.  He didn’t win his battle against cancer, but he surely showed me how to be strong.

Thank you my dear father, I hope you are smiling up there where you are.



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