Those moments in life

Very often life gets complicated, we encounter many bumps on our road.  Every time I get to those moments in my life, I hang on to the memories of the good times I had.

It is easy, I know, very easy to get stuck and not see anything else around us but the rough road.  But believe me, if you find something that made you smile, bad times get easier to navigate.  Hang on to that precious memory and embrace it, be patient and see how the road clears.

What gets me through is finding a special place where I can just be, just me, by my self, just breathing in nature, feeling the breeze on my face, listening to the birds and frogs, sitting still in the darkness of the night and believing that whatever is happening, is going to be over soon.

Do not give that difficult time the power to hang on any longer.  Don’t feed that negative energy.  Run to nature and let it heal you, embrace the memories and witness how your road ahead gets clear of any bumps.


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