Please help me understand

This is the last political post I make.

I’ve seen this video going around in the internet and had to speak out and ask for help trying to understand.

I see the point this video is trying to make, but let me tell you, the way a person talks and acts makes a big difference.  He is one of the most arrogant person I know and I hope our children don’t think it is o.k to be like him, I hope they don’t believe him to be a good role model.

We all have the right to express our opinions, and at the same time we need to try to understand other people’s point of view.  We need to get together and unite, not let our differences divide us.

So please help me understand the reason why a Trump supporter believes that he can change America into a better Nation.  I really don’t understand and would like to hear your reasons.  Let’s try to understand each other in a calm, polite way.

Me, as an immigrant, I’m offended by the way he talks about immigrants, not all are the same, most come here to live a better life, to work hard and have a home because their country can’t offer one to them.

Me, as a woman, I’m offended (to say the least) about the way he talks about women, about the way he treats his own wife in public.

We need a leader that unites, not one that divide us.  A role model, a world leader that makes this country stronger.  Please tell me why you think he could do  and be all that?

He’s got a lot to prove, in fact, please please prove us wrong, to all of us that don’t support him.  An honestly, I truly hope he does just that.  For the sake of this country and this world.


Thank you my dear friend Carrie for inspiring this post.





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