Sometimes we make the wrong choices that turn our lives up side down, but we need to keep moving, we need to believe that things really happen the way they are supposed to happen.

Let go, and let things work out the way they need to work out.  It’s so easy to start making things up in our minds, it’s easy to write a soap opera and expect the worse to happen.  Why not trust?  Trust that everything is going to be all right.  Take that leap of faith and believe with all your heart that you’ll end up where you need to be.

Let people love you, take care of you, you deserve that and much more.  Believe that not everybody is cut with the same scissor, not at all.  What do you have to loose?  To end up hurt, once again?  Well, that’s life, if that happens, you straighten your crown, shine as bright as you can and show the world what a strong warrior you are.  It will make you stronger that what you already are, nothing to loose, everything to gain.

I can tell you that I would take a thousand dark moments than what I’m going through at this moment…….. I lost my father. And this feeling of emptiness, of knowing that I’ll never see him again, never hear his voice, doesn’t compare with anything I have experienced before.

I’ve been through dark moments in my life, heck! one time I thought I was having a heart attack and thought I was going to die.  But I’m still here, I’m alive, I learned so many lessons through that time, and I’m grateful for that.

Wake up, live!!  Make mistakes, fall, cry, be scared; but then just like that, keep going, do not let anything ruin your precious life.   Remember, the only thing we can’t deal with is death.

Be strong, Be courageous, give it all you got and make the most of it.  You are alive!  Make it good!


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