Can I have your opinion please?

I quit my job of 15 plus years and I’m concentrating on my photography business.  I have an Etsy shop which hasn’t produce anything so far.  I’ve been changing photos, titles, working very hard, and nothing.  I’ve asked other shops for help, to tell me what they think and how I can improve my shop.

So, I get comments like: I’m not interested in your products, Why would I buy your photos? If I wanted a pic of the sky I would take it myself and mount it on a canvas, there’s lots of people that take pictures of the sunset, I don’t understand what you are selling, etc.

I know, I asked for opinions and it is ok  for them to express what they think, but it really makes me doubt myself.  I take their advice and make changes, then ask again, and the same comments pop up.  So, I’m really really having a hard time right now.

All I want to do is to show people how beautiful the sky is, nature, with no filters, nothing, just they way I see it, but maybe we like living in a fantasy world, how we wish or imagine our world to be.

I think I’m trying too hard, obsessing over this Etsy shop.  Maybe I should let it rest for a while.

Can you please tell me what you think?  I’d love to hear your opinion, just be gentle, hehehe.  Are photos better if we add filters, etc? Do you think my concept is hard to understand?  What other products, designs, etc would you like too buy instead of a canvas?

Thank you so much!dscf4278



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