Believe in yourself

Thanks to my dearest friend and soul sister, this morning I just realized I’m doing it all wrong!

I’ve been telling my daughters to be strong, be courageous, to believe in themselves; but how can they do that if I’m not showing them how, I’m not leading by example!

I’ve been feeling very depressed and sad and thinking: what did I do quitting my job? It was a mistake to follow my dream!  

But now I know, I’ve been pushing too hard, obssesing with making it work.  There should be a balance between working hard and forcing it to happen.

Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I should believe in myself, let it go, let it happen.

I was ready to give up my photography dream, but guess what? I’m not.  I wish to inspire people with my pictures, so people can see the real beauty around us, to take a moment and enjoy the magic of nature.  And that’s what I’ll keep working on.

I believe I can, and I will.

Have u ever thought about giving up? What is your dream?


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