The important things in life

In reality the ONLY important things in this life are not really things, it is what cannot be touched, cannot be seeing.

When life presents you with tragedy, obstacles, moments that shatters your being and brakes your heart into pieces and times that are hard to explain or even understand; it is then when you realize what is most important in life.

It is then when you realize that this world is materialistic, full of hate,envy, unkindness. But it also shows you who is there for you, who really cares and loves you, who you can count on unconditionally.

This is why I say:  Live your life the way that makes YOU happy, be kind, be courageous, be brave, be strong, be positive and most of all do not care about what people say about the way you are living your life.  After all, it is YOUR life.img_20141229_200406_wm


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