Letting nature heal my soul

It’s hard times right now, trying to understand something that doesn’t have an explanation.  So many questions, no answers.  But I need to keep moving, keep going, keep living……. for my two daughters.

I need to gather strength and courage and think about the future.  I need to make my father proud, even if he’s not here on earth anymore, I know he’ll keep watching me and my girls.

Right now my favorite place to be is on my porch, sitting on my hammock at night, listening to the crickets, frogs, and the occasional coyote.  Right there, that’s where I can find peace.  Isn’t it ironic that the place where I’m finding peace during this difficult time is in the dark?

I’ll keep taking my sunset, sky, nature pictures and creating my art, that’s soothing to me. I know that if I concentrate on this, it will help me.  And of course, concentrate on my daughters’ love, their smile, their hugs and kisses, they always helps me get up, no matter how hard I fall, just looking at their faces I find something to smile at.

What a good combination, there’s nothing more nurturing to my soul than my girls and nature…….. I will let them heal my soul.




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