Don’t let the storm take over

I know this is hard, no to let a storm take over our clear beautiful sky, but it is worth trying.  Just like the storms come just like that, they do go away, just like that.

It is hard to focus on the good while your world is spinning around, but we need to do that, we need to find even a tiny little light shining through.  Look at nature, everything around you is a miracle, being alive, waking up every morning is a miracle.

I’m going through a storm at this moment, my father is battling cancer, I have to say it is extremely hard for me to see him there, just laying, and to see how he aged 20 years just in a few months.  I don’t understand why him, he’s been a wonderful husband, a wonderful father, a great friend, he has dedicated his life to taking care of his 3 girls.  He’s been a good man, I don’t understand and I do not accept it.

Even in this dark moment I need to find light, I need to find something to get me through, to help him keep his spirits up and no to give up.  I cannot let him see how I crumble inside, how much it hurts me to see him like this.

I’m not going to let the storm take over and darken my sky.  There’s light, I know there is, I know the storm will pass and whatever happens it will be the best for my father.



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