There’s light within you….believe

Two years ago I did not believe that this statement was true.  All I saw around me was darkness and I thought this darkness was never going to end.

But thanks to some inspiring people, to their words, thanks to what I read, I can say that it is 100% true now.  All I had to do is believe, don’t loose hope.  There’s so much light inside me that once I found it, every little dark cloud started disappearing and light started shining through.

I surrounded my self with positive people, I stopped watching violent shows, I listened to “chill” music, I made my porch into a place where I can just sit down and enjoy nature, and of course, I started taking those photos of the sky that gave me peace and helped me heal.

This is how I started to find the strength and started to let the light back into my life.  It was not easy, and I still have moments that make me wonder what is it that I’m doing, but then I remember that I really don’t want to go back to that dark tunnel and I remind myself how strong I really am.

Believe me when I say:  All bad moments, all suffering, all bumps on the road, all dark tunnels, all dark clouds, they will disappear, whatever you are going through, will not last forever.  It will be hard, very hard, but that is going to give you the strength you need to let the light shine through again.



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