Spread love and kindness

You never know when life is going to change.  Therefore, the best thing to do is enjoy every day, every hour, every second, every single moment.  
Why spend life stressing over little things? Why tying to make people happy instead of focusing on making yourself happy?  Why ruin a day or a moment because of people’s opinions?  Is life all about making money, paying bills and survive? There has to be more to life than that.   

You never know when your life is going to shatter in pieces. Therefore, do what makes you feel happy, surround your self with positive people, live in an environment that gives you peace.  Enjoy nature.  Be kind and courageous. Don’t let anyone define you.  Be you, even if people dont agree with it, they dont need to understand. 

And most of all, love love love, spread love every where you go.

That sounds like a good life to me.


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