I don’t understand

I really don’t understand and it feels like I never will and no, I do not accept it.

My father, 69 years old, is going through the hardest battle of his life. This one, the worse one yet.  He has always been without a doubt a wonderful father, always taking care of her 2 daughters and his wife.  

First, he lost his sight on his right eye more than 15 years ago, just like that, suddenly.  Then, 3 years ago one of his kidneys had to be removed because of a tumor.  Last December he had brain surgery to remove another tumor and we found out that his cancer is now in his lungs and bones.

Why is it that an amazing husband, father, friend, human being is stroke with so much illness and pain throughout his life? I don’t understand.

Why couldn’t he be rewarded with good health and good things for being a great role model? I don’t understand.

All these doesn’t make any sense to me, but I have to be strong and courageous just like he has been through his battles. 



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