Where is this road going to take me?

After 14 some years working at a Law Office I recently quit my job.  The surprising part is that somehow it felt that it was the right thing to do.

We had moved to a new house out in the country that way my husband didn’t have to drive from San Antonio to San Marcos, Luling, Giddings.  He got a new job at a bank where he was a Financial Advisor and had to drive to different branches everyday.  Me, I didn’t have a job, so I started looking in the newspaper.  I was very shy, scared, didn’t know what to do but I knew that I needed to do something.

There was an ad in the newspaper for a babysitter at this Law Office and I thought it could be something to get me started, I love kids, so why not.  It was very hard to make the call, I thought about it a long time, that’s how shy I was, I couldn’t even make a phone call!  Finally I gather all my courage and grabbed the phone and I got an interview for the next morning.  I didn’t even know where exactly this Wimberley town was, but I got in my car and started driving.  After about 30 minutes on the highway I started thinking: what am I doing? this is too far away to drive every single day, ok, I’ll keep driving, do the interview and say no thank you, 10 minutes later I finally arrived.  I talked to a very nice lady, she was the paralegal and had a baby girl, one of the other lawyers had a baby girl as well, so the job was to take care of both babies in the nursery they had at the office.  We talked for a while and apparently she liked me and offer me the job and what did I say?….. yes!

I took care of both babies for a while, then the paralegal quit her job and since I only had one baby to take care of I started helping the attorneys with different tasks while the baby took a nap.  It was a great job, I was caring for this beautiful baby which brought me joy (since I didn’t have any children) and I got to learn new things, what a good combination!

When it was time for the baby to go to pre-k I thought I was left with no job, but instead the attorneys offered me to stay and helped them with office work.  They were the nicest people I had ever met and despite of having to drive so far away, I knew it was a good learning opportunity.  After a while, I was promoted to be their Office Manager, what a great feeling that was!  I accomplished something!

The attorneys had turned into my family away from home, they taught me so much and I have to say that they helped me open up and thanks to them I became a mature, independent, grown woman.   I’m forever grateful to them.

But then, after going through a hard time with anxiety and personal problems I knew that it was time for me to move on, to challenge myself, to do what I found out was a passion of mine….. taking pictures.  That’s how my WalkingSkyGallery idea started, taking pictures of the sunset and the sky.  I know, crazy, right?  To leave a secure job with a stable income.

I’m not sure where this road is going to take me, but I’m willing to work hard and find out.  Now I can say that I believe in myself and my husband, my family and the attorneys believe in me.  I’m not going to let myself down and I’m going to show the world the power, strength and courage that had been hiding inside me all these years.


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